ASP-2032-K1 Area Sensor

• Durable aluminum extrusion structure.
• Dip setting: CW. (installing forwards)/CCW. (installing reverse side) complied with machinery wiring.
• NP model: NPN or PNP, L.on or D.on selectable.


Model / Type NPN or PNP L.on / D.on
No. of Beams 32
Detection height 620 mm
Beam pitch 20 mm
Sensing distance Through beam / 對照式
Resolution 30 mm opaque object 不透明物體
Detection distance 0.6 M ~ 5M
Dip Switch / LONG / SHORT 長距:≧ 5 M / 短距:≦ 4.4 M
Light Emitter Infrared LED : 850 nm
Indication LED Blinking or shining output indicators.
Running type More than one beam is covered ON (Dark On)
Operating voltage DC12 ~ 24 V±10% (ripple P-P:10% Max.)
Current consumption Transmitter : 90 mA Max. Receiver : 50 mA Max.
Load current 100 mA Max. at DC 24V
Protection circuit Reversed Supply circuit protection, Short circuit protection output.
Reaction time Off to On:15 ms Max. On to Off:20 ms Max.
Insulation resistance 20MΩ min. (DC500V)
Voltage withstandability AC1000V 60Hz for 60 Sec.
Opera tetemperature - 10 ℃ ~ + 45℃ (No freezing allowed不可結霜,結冰)
Operating temperature 35% ~ 85% RH 相對溼度
Storage temperature - 10 ℃ ~ + 45℃ (No freezing allowed不可結霜,結冰)
Storage humidity 35% ~ 95% RH
Protection degree IP62
Casing material Aluminum+ABS
Wiring method Transmitter : M12 pigtailed type (5P) Receiver : M12 piqtailed type (5P)
Option Connectors : M125R-PUR-2M / M125R-PUR-5M
Weight 1180g
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