Visual Elevator Fence

HV-R100, OAK-D Lite , OAK-D , OAK-D S2 (Lightweight), OAK-D Pro, OAK-D-W (Wide angle)

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Fiber Amplifier

Fiber Amplifier, Digital Fiber Amplifier

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Fiber Sensor

Fiber Built with lens, Bending Resistance Fiber Optic, Plastic fiber Optics, Glass Fiber, Silica Fiber Optics, Light Guide

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Photo Sensor

General Purpose Compacted Area Sensor, Miniature Photo Sensor, Micro Photo Sensor, Long Sensing Range Photo Sensor, T-style Photo Sensor, Tubular Photo Sensor, U-shape Photo Sensor, Laser Sensor

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Proximity Sensor

Tubular Inductive Proximity Sensor, Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor, Inductive Ring Sensor, Capacitive Proximity Sensor

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Ultrasonic Sensor, Counter, Controller, Accessories

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Company Activities 2024-07-10

Automation Taipei 2024

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New Products 2024-06-28

ASP Reflective Area Photo Sensor: Revolutionizing Industrial Control Sensing Technology

Exclusive Patent Design - Reflective Area Safety Light Curtain, In the realm of modern industrial control sensing, safety and efficiency are paramount. The ASP Reflective Area Safety Light Curtain, with its exclusive patent design, offers comprehensive safety protection and operational convenience. This light curtain is engineered to simplify installation and adjustment to the greatest extent, adapting to various work environments and requirements....


RiKO Fiber Optic Product Catalog (10th Edition)


About Us

Founded in 1988,


Founded in 1988, RiKO OPTO-ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a professional Fiber Optics Sensor / Photo Sensor / Proximity Sensor/ Capacitive Sensor manufacturer in Taiwan. We have been committed to offering the highest quality and best products solving our customers' needs for industrial automation from the beginning. Through aggressive R&D and introduction of new products, we have become a leading manufacturer for the global market. Our brand, RiKO has had an excellent reputation of developing and supplying reliable products around the world. Customers also benefit from our wide range of services.


Taiwanese local manufacturing

「Made in Taiwan」 has become a reliable reputation internationally.
RIKO does not hesitate to expand the factory and increase the production line to ensure the stable supply and the principles of made in Taiwan,and deeply cultivates users who trust MIT.


Never stop improving technology

Riko's R&D team have enthusiasm and enterprising spirit. Not only pursue the development of new products, but also actively improve product extensibility
1. Not only pursue the development of new products, but also actively improve product versatility.
2. Always execute development strategies, study new process technologies and new material applications.
3. Keep challenging better quality to be closer to customer needs and provide the best solution.


Strictly control product quality

In order to provide high-quality and stable products, RIKO is equipped with independent quality assurance units and laboratories to check each level of inspection.
Equipped with advanced and complete instruments, RIKO keep providing more attractive products with high quality to show brand advantage and competitiveness.

ISO Certification

Passed the verification of the latest version of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system of the International Organization for Standardization.
Take sustainable quality management as the core management requirement to ensure and improve product quality and brand competitiveness

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