LK3-DU10P3 Photo Sensor

• Visibe dual LED makes it easy to know the current operating situation.
• Standard screw hole 25.4mm.
• Compact size (W12 x H31 x D20mm), space saving.
• Clearly visible red laser.


Model Laser Miniature Photo Sensor
Sensing distance Reflection
Operating distance 2-10 cm ±10% (White paper )
Emitting light Red laser 650 nm
Laser class 2
Operating voltage 12 ~ 24 VDC
Current consumption 25mA max
Load current Max 100 mA at DC 24V
Diameter of light spot 2mm
Model / Type PNP L.on / D.on
Response time 1000 Hz
Insulation resistance 20M ohm (DC 500V)
Voltage withstandability AC 1000V 60Hz for 60sec
Opera tetemperature -10℃ ~ + 50℃
Operating temperature 35% - 85% RH
Protection degree IP64
Casing material ABS + PC
Wiring method Pre-wired Ø4.2 x 2M / 3-wires
Weight 20g
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