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Photo Sensor


Fiber Amplifier NEW


Ultra slim fiber amplifier : small size and good quality.
Long Sensing Range Photo Sensor (R3JK系列)
Red light LED for easier operation

Easy Fixed Photo Sensor (TQ18)


Protection hood with water and greasiness proof and easy installation
Tubular Photo Sensor (MMF/RMF)
Metal tube and plastic tube types , Red light LED light source.

Rectangular Photo Sensor (PK3)

Small models fit for narrow space.
Micro-sized Flat Photo Sensor (PK5)NEW
Ultra slimmodels fit for narrow space
Micro-sized Square Phtot Sensor (PM6)NEW
Micro models fit for narrow space

U-shape Photo Sensor


Assorted U-shape photo sensors
Ring Photo sensor
Application : screw and waterdrop detection.
Micro Photo Sensor
SPR micro photo sensor: small size and superior quality
T-Shaped Photo Sensor
PTQ18 T-Shaped photo sensor: special design for better bending resistance.
Digital Fiber Amplifier
BR2 Digital Fiber Amplifier: Numeric displays and easy to install

Micro Photo Sensor


RX Photo Sensor: small size and High-speedresponse,suitable for the detection of small objects.